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Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis)

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Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis) Dried Herb  - 10 grams in a resealable packet

UK ONLY .. We DO NOT ship botanical products outside of the United Kingdom.

History and Usage: Valerian received its name from the Latin word 'valere' which means 'to be strong' or 'to be healthy.'

A widespread belief is that Valerian has the power to turn negativity into positivity, making it a useful herb for healing and cleansing rituals.

Many Wiccans incorporate Valerian in their spells to create closer bonds between themselves and their familiar, or for calling on animal spirits. (This is said to be especially effective when working with feline familiars or totems, as cats are naturally attracted to the scent of Valerian.)
German folklore states that the infamous 'Pide Piper of Hamlin' carried Valerian herb in his pocket – strengthening his sway over the rats, and eventually the children of the town.

Valerian is said to be an excellent herb for protection of the home, however it also has somewhat darker associations. In Houdou traditions, Valerian can be used as a substitute for grave dirt, and it is believed to enhance the power hexes, either in conjuration with a hexing ritual or used alone, (in which case it is casting into the foot prints of an enemy to bring bad luck into their life). Valerian is also used in hex reversals. The herb is ground and buried along with parchment on which the name of the person who cast the hex is written.  
The Herb also is believed to be effective in spells to ease guilt and negative emotions towards oneself.
Ruling Planets: Mercury, Venus
Magickal Properties: Hexing, Purification, Emotional Healing, Familiar Magick, Protection, Sleep
Associated Deities: Nephthys, Jupiter, Bast

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