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Quan Yin Pink Jade Bracelet


Quan Yin Pink Jade Bracelet

Materials: Elasticated Bead Cord, Genuine Jade, Silver Plated Alloy (lead and Nickel Free). Womens, One Size Fits All.

This bracelet features natural semi precious stones,  individual colour shades and opacity may vary.

This bracelet was inspired by the goddess/ bodhisattva Quan Yin (Kwan Yin, Guanyin). Originating in Ancient China, the worship of Quan Yin spread throughout Asia with the rise of Buddhism. She is often referred to as  the 'Barque of Salvation', as it is believed that she refuses to enter heaven until the last human soul is free from pain and suffering. Thus, she is widely worshipped as the goddess of compassion and mercy.  

Quan Yin is often depicted wearing pink or sitting in a pink lotus. With this in mind, our Quan Yin bracelet features a lotus amulet, as a symbol of the tranquillity, beauty and wisdom of the goddess. The stones chosen are genuine pink jade and genuine pink and grey rain flower jade.

Pink Jade is known as the 'stone of dreams,' as it is said to help ease the mind into deeper sleep and meditative states, while bringing about lucid and meaningful dreams. It is associated with love and peace, and is believed to bring gentle healing , and cleansing energy into the aura of the wearer.

'Rain Flower Jade' (or 'Yuha Shi' as it is known in China) is said to have fallen from the heavens during the reign of the Emperor Wu, during the  Liang Dynasty. This phenomenon is believed to have accured when a monk named Yun Guang was preaching in the Yuahuati area of mainland China. The story tells us that the gods were so moved by the monks words that they sent a shower of multicoloured rain drops. As the drops hit the earth they became the beautiful coloured stones found only in the Yuahuati area.

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