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Poison Hemlock Vial Necklace

£6.49 (Sold out)

Poison Hemlock Vial Necklace

Tibetan silver and silver plated alloy (Lead and Nickel Free), shatter resitant acrylic, and natural herbs. Pendant approx 75mm x 10mm. Silver Plated Chain approx: 24''

Each Vial is Hand Made to Order. We only carry a few in stock at any one time.

Since ancient times, Poison Hemlock has been associated with Witchcraft. It is one of the herbs said to grow in the garden of the Dark Goddess Hekate, (some say that the Hemlock plant was even created by her, and given to her Priestess Medea to use in her rituals).

Hemlock is often linked with the darker aspects of aspects of Witchcraft such as hexing and domination of will. However it has the more benevolent association of being a herb of cleansing, purification, and protection from evil. There is a saying among older Witches .. ''(in magick), that which can kill, can also cure.'' This means that while Hemlock can be used in hexes, it can also be used to reverse and undo them.

Our Posion Hemlock Vial Pendent can be worn for magickal protection, and the strengthening of psychic power. It can also be worn to honour the Goddess Hekate, or the Crone Goddesses as a whole.

It is ideal for Witches of all paths and backgrounds.

Warning: This Vial necklace contains genuine Poison Hemlock sealed within. Poison Hemlock is a Baneful Herb, it is toxic and should not be ingetsed. In event that the vial becomes broken, please dispose of the contents safely.

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