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Passion Flower (Passiflora)


Passion Flower (Passiflora) Dried Herb  -  available as a 5 gram Spell Pack, or 20 grams in a resealable packet

UK ONLY .. We do not ship botanical products outside of the United Kingdom.

History and Usage: Passion Flowers are used by Shamans, either in tea or smoking blends, as a mild hypnotic sedative. In this state, the Shamans believe, the third eye is allowed to open and communication with spirits and gods is possible.
The soothing powers of Passion Flowers can be utilized, without the need for consumption, in the placement of the petals in dream pillows, or under a pillow or mattress to bring meaningful  and vivid dreams.

Passion Flowers are used in Voudou spells to induce passion and attract a lover.

In Mexican Witchcraft, Passion Flower Petals are added to charm bags in of of the 'divine humming bird.'  

It is claimed that if a person bathes in Passion Flowers on five consecutive evening, it will draw a lover of the opposite sex into their life. The Flower is also used in spells to re-kindle the passion with a marriage or relationship. The effect is said to be akin to the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes – making the relationship feel new, fresh and filled with fiery lust.  

Carrying a Passion Flower is said to make a person popular and draw new friendships into ones life, and strength the bonds between old friends, bringing harmony into the relationship.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Magickal Properties: Visions, Passion, Love, Friendship, Meditation, Dream Magick, Emotional Healing

Associated Deities: Flora, Oshun, Aphrodite, Feronia

Disclaimer Notice: For legal purposes, we are obliged to state that the goods available for purchase on this Website are sold only as curiosities and spiritual/special interest goods and hold no magickal abilities of their own. Without exception, all goods available for purchase on this Website are for personal use only. None of the goods available for purchase on this Website are intended for internal consumption. Do NOT ingest any of the goods sold on this Website, and keep all potentially dangerous and harmful goods out of the reach of children and away from pets and other animals. We cannot accept any responsibility for the misuse or misappropriation of any of the goods sold on this Website.

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