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Nephthys Oil - 10ml

£1.99 (Coming soon)

Nephthys Oil - 10ml  (in a 10ml PET Dropper Bottle)

This exclusive sensual blend is an original Hall of Nephthys creation, made in honor of our Patroness – the Goddess Nephthys.

The oils chosen for this blend reflect the mysterious alure of the Goddess. It has undertones of darkness, hinting towards her aspect as a Goddess of the Underworld, and overseer of the transition from life to death.

Nephthys has always been a somewhat shadowed and mysterious figure. Even during the peak of her worship in Ancient Egypt, little was really known about her, and there were no temples dedicated solely to her worship. What little was made apparent about her character was given in contrast to that of her sister – the Great Goddess Aset/Isis.

The aura of mystque surrounding her gives Nephthys an appeal as a Goddess of secrets. She represents the hidden side of divinity, and the deep depths of the human soul.

In coming to know her, we come to know ourselves, for she holds the dark mirrior of truth before us, and helps us to face whatever we behold within it  for better or for worse.

This oil blend is perfect for use during divination. It can be applied to the pulse points of the body. It can be burned as an offering to the Goddess, or worn during the day to attract her blessings. When worn at night, this blend may attract the visitation of the Goddess as prophetic dreams, and help to open the third eye during the sleep cycle.

This oil contains rare Lotus petals and/or stamans.

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