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Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)


Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) Dried Herb   - available as a 5 gram Spell Pack, or 20 grams in a resealable packet

UK ONLY .. We DO NOT ship botanical products outside of the United Kingdom.

History and Usage: Among Witches, Mugwort is known as 'the herb of the Moon Goddess.' It is the sacred herb of the Graco-Roman goddess Artemis-Diana, for whom it received its Latin name.
Greek myth tells us that the goddess Artemis imbued the herb with the healing powers of pain relief for women in child-birth.  

As a herbal favourite of witches, both ancient and modern, Mugwort is used to aid in divination and is traditionally rubbed upon scrying instruments ( such as crystal balls or dark mirrors) to enhance their effectiveness.

In Herbalism, Western Mugwort is used in the treatment of burns and skin irritations, as it is said to relieve pain and inflammation. While in Eastern medicine, Mugwort in a traditional mixture designed to treat rheumatism and provide pain relief.

When placed in dream pillows or close to the sleeping area, Mugwort is said to bring vivid dreams. Some practitioners find the herb too intense when used alone, and choose to 'dilute' its effects by blending it with other sleep aiding herbs such as vervain, or lavender.  

Shamans smoke Mugwort, alone or blended with tabbaco, during their astral projection ceremonies. As they believe it has the power to aid and enhance psychic powers, and induce the meditative states desired for lucid dreams.

Ruling Planets: Venus, the Moon
Magickal Properties: Visions, Faerie Magick, Healing, Protection, Divination, Dream Magick
Associated Deities: Diana, Hekate, Isis, Rhiannon

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