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Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) - Heavenly Blue

£2.00 (Sold out)

Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue - Dried Seeds - 10g or 20g in a resealable packet

UK ONLY .. We do not ship botanical products outside of the United Kingdom.

Blue flowering variety of Morning Glory.  A Half Hardy Annual, Beautiful on Sunny Walls (Can Climb to 3m) and in Cool Greenhouses. Sow from March to May for Flowering from July to September. Warning: Seeds and Plant are Harmful if Eaten.

History and Usage: Ipomoea tricolor (aka Ipomoea violacea) has been traditionally used in ritual infusions and incense to assist in divination, psychic development, as a visionary and in the healing of disease for millennia by the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

The Aztecs, who called the seeds tlitliltzin ('black divine) and the plant itself coatl-xoxo uqui ('green snake') or coaxihuitl ('snake plant'), revered Ipomoea tricolor as especially sacred, their belief was that the plant contained spirits that could open portals to the gods in heaven.

Like their ancestors, the Chontal and Mazatec peoples of Oaxaca in Mexico believe that powerful spiritual energy exists within the plants and that it is inhabited by a highly evolved spirit with the ability to connect them with the spiritual realm of the gods.

In African-American Magickal traditions Morning Glory is often used as a substitute for High John The Conqueror root as it is believed to has the shared properties of bringing about success and domination of ones enemies.

Ruling Planet: Saturn, Neptune, The Sun
Magickal Properties: Success, Wealth, Divination, Astral Projection, Domination
Associated Deities: Hapi, Nun, Asariel

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