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Jade Maiden Necklace / Earrings


Materials: Tibetan Silver and Silver Plated Alloy (Lead and Nickel Free) and genuine Green Jade . Necklace Approx 85mm drop, on a 24'' Silver Plated Chain. Earrings Approx 55mm drop from the ear wire.

Jade Maiden Necklace and/or Earrings

Green Jade is a natural semi precious stone,  every attempt is made to match colour shade and opacity however, individual pieces may vary slightly.

These pieces were inspired by the 'Jade Maidens' or 'Yu Nu' of Ancient Chinese Mythology.

The Jade Maidens were descried as celestial handmaidens who served the Great Goddess Xi Wang Mu, who was believed to control the cosmic forces of life and death. The Jade Maidens acted as her envoys to mankind bringing the wisdom of the Goddess to those they favoured.

Like the Jade Maidens, Green Jade is seen by many as a symbol of wisdom and divine blessings. It is believed to grant its wearer good fortune, as well as aiding the development of psychic powers. It is even said to induce memorable, and prophetic dreams when placed close to the bed.

Our 'Jade Maiden' inspired jewellery also features a lotus amulet. Like Green Jade, the lotus is a symbol of wisdom, as well as being a symbol of tranquillity, peace, and purity. In Ancient China, the lotus represented grace, beauty and transcendence – all attributes of the Jade Maidens.

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