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Guayusa (Ilex guayusa)

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Guayusa - (Ilex Guayusa, aka Wayusa) - Dried, Fine Cut Leaves - 20g in a resealable packet

UK ONLY .. We DO NOT ship botanical products outside of the United Kingdom.

History and Uses: Guayusa is a caffeinated Amazonian evergreen holly tree native to the rain forests of Ecuador and revered by the indigenous Kichwa peoples and their Medicine Men. It is also known for it's many proven medicinal properties.

Myths tell of how Guayusa taught mankind how to dream, of how the ritual of rising at dawn protects them from wandering spirits in the night, and of the conquering of fears and difficulties with self belief. Guayusa is associated with a peaceful body, and an alert, serene mind and spirit.

Traditionally, the leaves are dried to make a stimulating tea, and families rise at dawn and drink Guayusa around their fires until sunrise, listening to the shamans soft song and the elders as they teach of ancient myths, hunting and life values.

It is believed by the Kichwa that Guayusa aids dream recall, and their Shaman ritually use Guayusa to interpret and divine dreams, helping them guide the community, and keep them in harmony with the rain forest. It is said that the Shaman also use Guayusa to induce dreams in order to divine the success of hunting trips. It is also used by the hunters themselves to sharpen their senses, enabling them to stay awake and alert and in tune with their surroundings. For this reason Guayusa is known among them as 'The Night Watchman'.

Guayusa is also used by modern Witches and Shamans is banishing rituals.

Magickal Properties: Visions, Dreams, Divination, Banishing, Exorcism.

Associated Deity: Pachamama

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