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Faerie Magick Vial Necklace

£6.49 (Sold out)

Material: Tibetan silver and silver plated alloy (Lead and Nickel Free), shatter resistant acrylic, genuine semi precious stones and natural herbs. Pendant approx 75mm x 10mm. Silver Plated Chain approx: 24''

Each Vial is Hand Made to Order. We only carry a few in stock at any one time.

Since ancient times Witches have sought the aid of the Fey for their magick and healing skills. This beautiful herbal vial was created with the Faerie folk in mind.

This pendent contains herbs believed to attract the Faeries and their favour. Herbs such as Lavender and Bluebells long said to be Fey favourites.

Our Faerie Magic Vial can be worn as an amulet to bring the friendship and blessings of the Fey into the life of the wearer, and/or to strengthen an existing relationship with them.

It can also be hung over the bed to help bring about dreams of the fey, and aid communications with them during dream time.

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