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Amethyst Vial Necklace

£6.49 (Sold out)

Amethyst Vial Necklace

Material: Tibetan Silver and silver plated alloy (Lead and Nickel Free), acrylic, and genuine amethyst. Pendant approx 75mm x 10mm. Silver Plated Chain approx: 24''

According to Greek mythology Amethyst was once a beautiful Nymph loved by the moon goddess Artemis. She (Amethyst) insulted the god Dionysus and ignited his wrath. On seeing this Artemis turned her into the beautiful purple gemstone we know today, in order to protect her. Dionysus' rage was calmed on seeing the beauty of the stone.

From this myth we see that Amethyst is a stone of emotional healing. It is also said to be an excellent cure for headaches, and was believed to prevent intoxication by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

It is a stone of passion and for many, a symbol of faithful love. It is also considered an aid for creativity.
Amethyst is linked with the third eye chakra, but is a stone used by crystal healers for balancing the chakra's and energies of the body as a whole.

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