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International Orders



We are happy to ship Non Botanical Goods outside of the United Kingdom to any international postal zone at a flat rate based on the Royal Mail Internation Standard Service.


Only Non Botanical Goods are available for purchase outside of the United Kingdom.







This includes without exception ALL witchcraft/Shaman Botanical Dried Herbs, Flowers, Seeds and Roots.


If you are ordering from outside of the United Kingdom DO NOT order from our Botanical Dried Herbs, Flowers, Seeds and Roots sections, We will NOT ship it.



In the acknowledgement that most Countries both within and outside of the European Union DO NOT allow botanical goods (herbs, roots, seeds, flower parts, plant parts or any other organic materials) to be imported/enter the country without special licensing and/or special documentation that complies with the national policies and legislation of each relevant country, We DO NOT ship botanical products outside of the United Kingdom.


It is NOT possible for Us to fulfil specialist licensing and/or specialist documentation and shipping requirements for each individual order. Goods in transit that do not adhere to each countries legislation practices are predictably and understandably confiscated. Therefore, We consider it within the best interests of both the The Hall of Nephthys and the consumer to restrict the shipping of ALL the natural/botanical products available for purchase on this Website to within the United Kingdom Only.







All goods and shipping costs are charged in British Pounds Sterling

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